University of Jaffna, Faculty of Arts

Department of Education

Level III


Unit Code


Semester I

Introduction to Pedagogy

PEA 3013

03 Credits

Semester II

Methodology of Teaching and Assessment of Learning


MTA 3023

03 Credits

 Course Content


Introduction to Pedagogy


Methodology of Teaching Assessment of Learning

Philosophical Bases of Education

Methodology of Teaching

Psychological Bases of Education

Methodology of Assessment


B.Sc in Science and Education – BSc(Hons) in Sci and Edu

The Department conducted an undergraduate programame for Faculty of Science Students in the name of B.Sc with Education which was later renamed B.Sc in Science and Education. There are four batches of students who graduated through this programme. Now, initial preparations have been made by the faculty of science  to recommence this degree programme  in close proximity

Bachelor of Education – B.Ed (Hons)  Initial preparations have been made for launching the undergraduate degree programme “Bachelor of Education  (B.Ed)”  in close proximity.